All Girl Band

Music and Lyrics-Terami Hirsch

I tend to tell the truth
when I'm nervous
but sometimes I fake sick
to get out of a bad situation

I didn't have sex
until I was 23

Sometimes, I don't even
wash my socks before
I wear them again

I always exaggerate
to be funny, but
sometimes I have to lie
cuz I don't have anything
more interesting to say

I wish I could be
a stripper because
I think that the
money is good

I starved myself from
1989 until 1992.
I weighed 82 pounds

I check out girls

Sometimes I'm vague
on purpose so that if
the other person doesn't
understand, then I can
just blame them

I say "gee" instead of
"Jesus" when I'm around

When I was 22 my uncle
grabbed my ass
and I didn't know what to do,
so I didn't do anything

I snooped around my dad's
house after he moved out
and I found love letters
from another woman

People can usually
influence me through
monetary promises

People think I'm sweet.
God I hate tha

One little girl in a million
Grows up to be
Queen of the prom
Like there's nothing wrong
It wasn't me

One little girl in a million
Can shine her smile
From center stage
She's all the rage
For a little while

LSD and chicken me
I can't be gone for any time
Sex with a bad ass boy
Will have to wait
'Til I am 69

What would I do if I found my way
Down the aisle?
I'd pinch off my skin
Before I'd marry him
It's just my style

Gimme some
Of what you think I need
Gimme sone
Of what you think I want

I want to fly
I want my voice again
And I want my name
Give me back the ground
I know I gained

Gimme some
Delicious apple pie
Gimme some
Of that cherry in your eye

I want to cry
I want to feel my pain
I want to drop you off
And continue just the same

I think maybe, maybe
I'm your hole
And you're the digger in the ground
I think maybe, maybe
You played God
And I'm the pretty that you drowned

Gimme some
Reason to pass this by
Gimme some
Chance to call your lie

I want to fight

I want to stand again
I want to dance around
And live this life I know I found

As the coffee runs down his gullet in spite
Hank Williams runs through his mind
And nobody knows
But he loves those trash clothes
And the gloves that will slap him tonight

And maybe tomorrow
Will turn about sorrow
And maybe he doesn't care
Maybe he likes the curls in her hair
And the shoes that I like to wear

He's danced with a vixen
In steps that he knows
I've applauded his debonair
But round about here's
Where he buckles with fear
Maybe it's just not his year

Karen and Ashley
Just two of my names
Tied up and beat down
His two favorite games
And some day on petals
We'll choke and we'll gag
But I know it has nothing
To do with my dad

I was bitten by this friend of mine
She knows me too well
Her words come and go
And I can't say what I'm feeling

I open up my mind
And she comes pouring in

And I do believe in vampiresf
And angels and I do believe
In waking up the dream

And when it's time to shine
She locks the door behind me
And lies fall everywhere

Her words have no meaning
She thinks I'm mad because
I told her that I'm leaving

Anton had a point when he said
"Girl, she'll suck your soul dry"
Well I look at him and I see
Points comin' outta his head
But you know he's so right

Borderline, borderline
Why'd you have to have me?

Crazy man, crazy man
Why'd you have to marry her?

Years of therapy
Down one more line...
No, take your time
I'll be just fine

Spank your kid
And make a wish
You really think I'm happy now?

Hold my heels in the air
You wonder if I'll fly

Years of therapy
Down one more line
No, take your time
I'll be just fine

All you ever wanted
Was to be loved
Well, I am not sorry for you

Extremely, extremely
Extremely rough
She's going down

On one occasion she told me
What it is to feel her power
To feel her power

If you can't play fair
Then you belong locked in the tower
Or on your back
Collecting the rain
Or on your back
He's forgetting your name

He's one he's two
He's three he is four
He is unraveling the chain

She pokes him, she pokes him
As she chokes him
She rubs against his grain...

But she's on her back
Collecting the rain
She's on her back but the
World still looks the same

If she were to say to the queen
"Hey, I think your game
Is upside down"
She'd lose her head
She'd lose her cards
And with it goes all of her power
All of her power

I've become a mockery
Of the girl with the braids
And the brain

She'd stay up nights and
Delight herself by
Inventing the things
That she'd dream

"Money and good-looks don't
mean much to me
I'm happy as a clam"
Now look at this place
Try and find the young girl

She's working and looking
She's stopped with the cooking
(If feels like she's hooking
Just call for a booking)
Don't ask for the girl
With the brains

He told her to
Take off her raincoat
Just so he can see
What she has inside

Underneath the London Fog
Her London Fog
She was falling down

Make it visual
Make it...

I have a really good
Bad feeling
It's kinda like feeling free
When your hands are tied
Like a rabbit's foot
Being lucky
Maybe we'll all escape

When the moon comes
Full circle
Do you find yourself howling
Like me?
And think of all the savages
We've eaten
Maybe we'll all die young

But sometimes it's that part
Of us that's begging
To open the door
But I still have this
Really good, bad feeling
Like I want something more

So in my most virginal
Of places
I am fire, but I've been
Burned by prophecy
And all the princesses line up
For full confeessions
Maybe we'll all go down

So when the tide comes up
To greet you
Say hi and then swim to shore
For me
Kiss the mermaids as they swim
To lose your way
And tie forgotten string
To your oar
Cuz they don't live here

In a circle while we're
I get that really good
Bad feeling
Misunderstood, misrepresented
Maybe we'll all explain

When you think about me
Make me pretty

When I think about you
I see nothing

When I pull my dress off
You are watching

When I turn a cartwheel
You are smiling

But when I close my eyes
You take advantage
When you close my legs
I think it's over

The monster's in the closet
Coming nearer

I'm wide awake but I'm fast asleep
And I've forgotten

But when I close my eyes
You take advantage
When you close my legs
I think it's over
But you never go away
Not when I close my eyes
Not when I have 22 years of dying

When I saw her baby
I remembered

When you saw her too
I protected her

I can be
In my own little rainbow bubble
Staring glassy-eyed
At the folks who stare at me

Give her time she'll come around
You know she wants to
In every way that she can
She'll find out just how to
Upset you

With my hair jet black
Or a streak right down the middle
I am two sizes too small
For the skin that I am in

So I will leave the key
But not the doow
It's always better by far
To leave them wanting more

In another world
The one that I belong in
I can be
A girl all on my own

I have what I need
I am who I say I'm gonna be
I can't offer more
I can't say I'm sorry
For the things I've never done

I'd like to see her face
I'd like to say
Thank you for the music
I'd like to give a voice
I'd like to be part of her
All girl band

But oh, maybe it's crazy
But then again
There is no mail with my name
So why go underground?

The voices in your head
The ones that say
Hey, I'm afraid to breathe
The ones you keep hidden
The ones you're afraid to believe...