Music and Lyrics-Terami Hirsch

1. Microphone

Spoken Word. Lyrics not available.

2. Happier Without You

Wouldn't give up this place
Not for all you say it's worth
Happy to let go
Happy to let go

A mile in my shoes
Mister better get to the walking out the door
But I couldn't say it then
Couldn't say it then

But two thousand years pass by
My stupid fingers wave good-bye to you
Was young and foolish, brokenhearted
So I cried my way back to you

But I didn't recognize your face
Not because you changed
But because I'm seeing straight
I'm happier without you
Happier without you

A wicked conversation's taking place
Inside my brain about you
I dare myself to let it go
One more day
One more day without you

One more day turns into ten
And ten multiplies into a lifetime
I think about you sometimes

3. Shivers

One way down
You give me shivers
And I protest
That I love you more
I'm already taken
Down where you lay
As I lay there with you

But I haven't forgotten
Time is running
And I am laying still

Pick up your feet
And feel the motion
Of me bleeding
Into you
These days roll by
Like waves in the ocean
And like salt, I taste you

But I haven't forgotten
Time is running
And I haven't breathed in years
I haven't spent enough time with you
But I am laying still

Tell me about
This hole you fill
Tell me about
This hole you fill

So pulling away
I feel the hunger
Not empty as before
Feeding off your perfect illusions
And I return for more

Over it
I look for answers
Somewhere in the Great Beyond
And you say, "just look inward"
And so I look real hard

And I haven't forgotten
Time is running
And I haven't breathed in years
And I haven't spent enough
Time looking in
And all these things just pass me by
These make-believe occurances
Light me
Light me

And I am laying still

4. Song Without A Name

Wouldn't it be nice
To stay here forever
Wouldn't it be nice
If I could
Half a mind to backtrack to nowhere
Feeling like I should

And I say I'm so lonely
But I say I'm in charge
Nothing quite like reading the riot
When I'm feeling large

Make me the exception
Or you'll have to tear it from my mouth
I'm snowbound in this mind terrain
I think there's no way out

There's a door that I entered
Now I'm locked in the room
And I don't know voodoo to unglue what I do
If I should speak too soon

And there is silence
In between the words I won't say
Stutter, stumble, I can't make the noise
Maybe it's better off this way

Cuz I don't make sense with words
When they mean important things
I'll bite my tongue and stay unsound
To see what silence brings

But in this room I will shout
Until the walls fall
I am claustrophobic about these things
But I am more afraid of losing sleep
To empty dreams

And I say I'm so lonely
Locked up in this room
I'm so over-inflated
I could float to the moon

5. Metro Joe

As the coffee runs down his gullet in spite
Hank Williams runs through his mind
And nobody knows
But he loves those trash clothes
And the gloves that will slap him tonight

And maybe tomorrow
Will turn about sorrow
And maybe he doesn't care
Maybe he likes the curls in her hair
And the shoes that I like to wear

He's danced with a vixen
In steps that he knows
I've applauded his debonair
But round about here's
Where he buckles with fear
Maybe it's just not his year

Karen and Ashley
Just two of my names
Tied up and beat down
His two favorite games
And some day on petals
We'll choke and we'll gag
But I know it has nothing
To do with my dad

6. Everything Is You

A few lives ago when I was twenty-one
You sent a big fat kiss
When you called to say we're done
You gave me up for someone
Who's been around the world
With a lipstick trail behind her
You wish you were in her shoes
So you gave her a debriefing
That everything is you

She must have thought
You were testing her for strength
She'd give it out to you
But you couldn't find the thanks
She thought that maybe
She'd get it right one day
With a little sweet attention
And a push not to be selfish
But you gave her her money back
Because it's just that everything is you

Give her time
Give her all you can
Even my umbrella would do
Just enough for my getaway
You're eyeing me again

So look for me
I'll be behind this Irish tree
Because I've run away
To live across the sea
For someone willing
To turn me inside out
You have a smooth collection of words
To change my mind
But now I've seen the world
And, baby, not everything is you

7. Stained

Flesh to the curb
Skin to skin
You're always
Into these things
I'm always
Into you

So ripe on the vine
The season comes
To be unkind
To the one
You really want
To leave behind

Now I'm the one
You really want
To leave behind

On the chair
Is a stain
That I left there
It remains
Unseen by you
But I know it's
Still there

Wine on the brain
I come around
To a sea of
Your pain
You come around
To see me again

Should I fade?
It's obvious
You're nearly done
With these things
You're nearly
Done with me

A cold day indeed
The summer's gone
And I'm wrapped in
Part of your shell
You're wrapped in her
And you're wrapped in me

8. Boxes

Open up these boxes
Show me how to blend
Little ways around admitting
Who I am

Count them
Three things you can take
Without scratching too deep
Stopped a bullet with these walls
These things I plan to keep

And I know
This world is far less sweet
Without bleeding hearts
And puncture wounds
For all to see

So voyeuristic aren't you
In the way you peek
At my life through yellow windows
I know what you see

Slowly unstitching threads
That have held me down
A striptease meant for the masses
You're under my roof now

You will know me from my pockets
Which won't seem to fill
No matter who writes the story
We all know the drill

As I sift through these boxes
Alone with these eyes
I know this life is less sweet
Unstitching threads
That have held me down

9. The Confession Song

Wake up Sundays and confess
It's your idea and it's all a mess
Your happy days are gone by far
You don't know anymore who you are

The poets write about lost love
Lost children, heartache, God above
But you ache for the simple things
The joy a job well-done can bring

But it's too late
It passed you by
Going round and around you try

Then you say I'm just 25 years old
But I'm so tired
This world is too cold
It's all a game
You knkow they cheat to win
Don't want to play
But I don't want to give in

But it's too late
It passed you by
Going round and around you try
Oh, it's too late
To stop the line
Going round and around you've tried

Full of ideas (the half-baked kind)
You boldly throw them on the line
You say "I'm going out with style
But you'll have to give me a while"

Cuz it's too late
It passed me by
I'm going around and around and I try
But it's too late
To turn back time
Going round and around you try

10. Good-Bye

Just look away
Don't look back
At the things that were ours
That you had to leave behind

Just close your eyes
Smell the sun again
Let the batteries wind down
And say good-bye

I wanted things to last a long long time
But it's my dime
And I can't afford
To give you much more time

Roll up your sleeves
And tattoo your pain
To the place where it burns
That you had saved just for me

And lose my name
In the eyes of another face
And make it a good-bye

I wanted things to last a long long time
But it's my dime
And I can't afford
To give you much more time