To the Bone

Music and Lyrics-Terami Hirsch

1. Pet

You bend
Hello again
You're kissing sidewalk cracks
And when the night falls
She crawls
And you take her back

Getting dirty on your way to heaven
Never tasted quite like that
She pulls your strings
And you do things
Like a smiling cheshire cat

And when you ride her into the sunset
You might be wise to tie her down
And make her your pet

She falls in love again
With the man who's on her tongue
But when you breathe
She'll steal your breath
And run

She can ride without you
If she tried
You think you're holding on to something
You couldn't hold her if you tried
All her lies mean nothing
To your ears
"She's mine she's mine"

You freeze
She stares through you
And you slip through her crack
But when the night falls
She crawls
And you take her back

2. Raising the Dead

Before this place
Before this name
I heard, I heard
She tried to rise up from the grave

Before this game
She was outstretched to the sky
I heard, I heard
She tried to make the angels cry

But oh
When will she dance
Like she used to dance

In darkness
She has crawled out to see
The light of day
I heard, I heard
She has found a better way

You think you see a hint of life
Inside her
But buried deep
She sleeps

Raising the dead
Calls for some ammunition
I heard, I heard
She took it
As a call to return

Whe drove across the state and back. "It's so flat, " she said while her Marlboro Red was burning to a crisp in her hand. Her light was burning out on the inside. And, so, that's why she took the ride...for the drive to take her back to the bed, to the man, to the place she never belonged. "God. I'm so tired of this."

3. Paperweight

Paper weighs me down
Breathing tends to come in waves
I've half mistaken love for violence
It's pretty obvious
I've made mistakes
They're drawn in time
I can't erase

I picked the flower
To occupy the hour
I wear it well
I see that now
I've half a mind
To scream out
Where am I? Who am I?

They say
Young blood is always out for more
I bled myself
Through all of your sorrow
Now you are gone
From my life
I'm standing here
But where am I? Who am I?

4. Stained

Flesh to the curb
Skin to skin
You're always
Into these things
I'm always
Into you

So ripe on the vine
The season comes
To be unkind
To the one
You really want
To leave behind

Now I'm the one
You really want
To leave behind

On the chair
Is a stain
That I left there
It remains
Unseen by you
But I know it's
Still there

Wine on the brain
I come around
To a sea of
Your pain
You come around
To see me again

Should I fade?
It's obvious
You're nearly done
With these things
You're nearly
Done with me

A cold day indeed
The summer's gone
And I'm wrapped in
Part of your shell
You're wrapped in her
And you're wrapped in me

5. The Breathing

Stepping out of grace
I wanted to see
The look on your face
When I said
I'm not afraid
The oceans can drown me
The moon can ground me
But I am not afraid

I know the sign
Of a good time
I know it still hurts
Now I want to get out
Get out of here

A good girl
Knows her place
Keeps her head low underwater
And keeps slow to the pace
To win is something
Never thought of

Hiding in me
You don't want to see
How beautiful
The ugly girl can be
And I've been wallpaper
As far as I can see
Now see what I can be

Not too far away
Almost at the point of breaking
And you should be afraid
You never had to
Question the breathing

6. Sideline Junkies

High times
And low times
I overestimated
This capacity for love
You shrugged it off
Like a too-tight overcoat
When I got too close to the bone

Happened upon
Some letters I wrote
Though I never sent them
I've written ten thousand words
Which won't see the light of day
So they won't speak for me
When I say straight to your face,,,

How many times
Do you have to change your clothes
Do you have to change your face
To fit in

Once we were much better than that
We used to laugh
About people and their games
We were sideline junkies
Smitten by the way
We could watch but never play

Am I getting warm
Or do I just leave you cold
Do you ever wonder
How once I was there
And now I'm gone
Do you miss me?

I can imagine
What you must think
You think I don't understand
Cuz you're so complex
It fucking hurts
And I'm just so so so sad

7. Boxes

Open up these boxes
Show me how to blend
Little ways around admitting
Who I am

Count them
Three things you can take
Without scratching too deep
Stopped a bullet with these walls
These things I plan to keep

And I know
This world is far less sweet
Without bleeding hearts
And puncture wounds
For all to see

So voyeuristic aren't you
In the way you peek
At my life through yellow windows
I know what you see

Slowly unstitching threads
That have held me down
A striptease meant for the masses
You're under my roof now

You will know me from my pockets
Which won't seem to fill
No matter who writes the story
We all know the drill

As I sift through these boxes
Alone with these eyes
I know this life is less sweet
Unstitching threads
That have held me down

8. The River
**Nominee: Just Plain Folks Awards 2002:
Best Female Singer-Songwriter Song

Poker face in the rain
I'm watching your door
From the outside
I come unglued
Unbound by you

If you go
Then I'll go too

Give us a kiss, love
You said
As you left me
To wander around
For a lifetime

If you go
Then I'll go
If you go...
If you go
I'll follow

As I walk
To the river
I throw in a stone
Representing everything
It sinks
To the bottom

Beauty's on the inside
I said
To the mirror
I won' let go
Til you want me, so

Harbors closed for winter
I can't find my way home
Everything and nothing
I think I have miles
Left to go

Drawing up stories
You and me together
Forever I'll stay
On your tether

9. Fire

I felt the inside today
Of a heat long betrayed
You did not ask
I could not say
So I'll walk through fire

Something smoking in the air
I burned it down
I can't look back
I can't move on
'Til I put out this fire

And you will see it burn
These flames for you
And I will always hold
This heat for you

I shrugged like nothing hurt
It's just the char of this birth
A phoenix rising from the ash
Will live through fire

I can't relate to much anymore
I think I am too burned to care
You did not beg
I could not bear
The heat of this fire

10. Everybody (inside this skin)

Everybody can read my face
My eyes can't fool
The most common of graces

Everybody can see me shake
I lied I lied a lot to make your day brighter
Do you even care

Inside this skin
I feel so thin
I feel so thin
And all of these words
Are all just words
They're all just words

Everybody thinks they know my game
Dismissed as such potential
I have such potential
Here's my will but where's the way

Nobody can take this away
They might say "Here's a girl
We dug her from dysfunction"
But I don't see myself that way

Everybody can read my face
An open book
I'd like to close the chapter on

11. Falling

Big eyes, but darling I don't cry
Oh my, I'm falling
Gone around you
And tried to understand

I'm open but inside
I'm turning out rivers
To hide you

She said your mystery
Would get to me
Well, I am no closer than before
As if you could
Rescue me from this

Go your way
And I will think about
A hiding...
Place the blame
On imaginitive stories

Pull ahead,
Behind you lie tomorrows
Never realized
I live inside my head
As if you could
Rescue me from this

12. Until You

I can see
Through the clouds
To the ocean
How little I have seen
Until now
Until you

Unwinds itself infront of me
But I don't want the net
Or the trap set
How little I believed
Until now
Until you

Give me air and I'll be fine

I have been the blue, blue light
And I have been the red, red sky
And you said
"Those colors will blind you pale
Just open your eyes"

Want to forget
So many things
None of them you
None of them you
How little I could be
Until now
Until you